Our Treatment

Solution focused therapy is a modern approach with intent on positivity and future developments. While we are in therapy we do not get too involved with why the problem developed but more with how we can relieve the symptoms. We do not usually resolve problems by drawing on our deficits and instead we can build through our therapy, on the positive aspects of here and now, enabling for us to think from the intellectual part of our brain, where we generally feel good about things and not the primitive part which is where or emotions/fears originate from.

Helping you cope

Our intellectual mind helps us to cope better with scenarios and keeps us brave, confident, relaxed, determined and generally helps us to get things right in life. So by learning to think from that part of the brain we can cope better with our problems.

I offer hypnotherapy solutions to many different issues and ailments including:

Our brain in an amazing tool which many people do not know how to utilize to its fullest potential. Some of you will be amazed to hear that our brain cannot tell the difference between real and imagined thoughts. This research has shown that rehearsing an event mentally can improve performance alone, without physical practise. However this works both ways! Remembering our mind cannot tell the difference between reality and real then we can negatively forecast the future and create anxieties.

Call me today for a better understanding of how the brain works, your motivation to help yourself achieve your goals are just a few ways to bring about therapeutic change.

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