"Im so grateful. Tonight I've felt the best I've felt in 2 years. I feel happy and free. Thank you"

Posted by: Eating Disorder Client

"You have changed my life! Who would have thought I would be going to college"

Posted by: Anxiety Client

"Thank you so much. I have loved our sessions and it almost seems a shame not to need them anymore "

Posted by: Depression Client

"I have lost 3 stone and am starting to wear my old clothes again. Thank you Lisa for showing me how"

Posted by: Weight Management Client

"I've never slept so well since dealing with those water mellons. Thank you"

Posted by: Sleep Disorder Client

Lisa is an easy going, non judgemental lady who easily accepts
you as you are and very quickly understands your problem/concern.
She has the ability to work with you through a problem enabling
you to take control and positive steps to define the outcome in
a way that is suitable for you. Her natural caring disposition enables
her to gently show you many outcomes to a particular issue and
in so doing you learn valuable skills to view life from different

Posted by: Lack of Confidence and Anxiety Client


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